Artin' the art

Artin' the art

Taylor graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently works at Firaxis Games
projects include:
Civ V Gods and Kings Brave new world
| Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning | Elder Scrolls Online | Paizo Publishing | (voice acting for) Dishonored
She also teaches at the Maryland Institute College of art
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    artintheart answered your question:Today in the exciting World of Wolfie: How do dogs…

    You know all the core pathfinder books are online via paizo publishing for free and legal? :D

    True! But for Society play, you have to have a physical copy (or name-watermarked PDF) of any book whose material you are using. Or so the internet tells me. We’re planning to go to our first real Society session next week :o

    Speaking of which, one of the books that arrived today was the Society Primer with your cover :D


    My home 30 gallon aquarium.  Ive recently discovered the floor is SUPER not level… and is getting worse (thank goodness I rent!) so I will probably have to work on something to get it level.  Any who! not a problem, but this is my home project, im always trying to get it to look as full and lush as possible.  Ive discovered after 3 months of using CO2 how wonderful it can make your plants look!  just wow! the crypts and ludwigia love it!  

    Enjoy! its got some rainbows, flying fox, gourami, a few sorority females that like to hide in the thick brush and harlequins!  I think I will slowly remove the large rocks and continue to plant very heavily :) 

    Riding photos! yay! This is my little buddy Pete! I just started leasing him again, hes about 7 years old I think and such a sweet heart. He loves to run and is very derpy BUT! with some strong arms and great collection hes turned out to be so much fun and he really is a joy to ride and take care of!  He is my gym membership :)  and such an unattractive jumper hah.   We are of course working on some riding stuff (like head carriage…) but hes doing well :) for being an off the race track horse!  

    This was also a cool moment because my dad came to visit for the first time in 4 years.  I hadnt seen my dad in a while, and my parents were going through their divorce so I spent a lot of time avoiding them and there was a lot going on around that whole deal. So having my dad visit and see what I am up to for the first time in a very long time, and tbh the first time my dad has ever said he was “proud” of me, has been a big deal, and these were some genuinely happy moments for me.  So hooray! and man, it’s turning into a pretty awesome year.  

    I've seen your tank on plantedtank! I think it looks amazing. Just thought I'd leave this message :D

    Asked by mistuhmarc

    daw! thanks so much! messages are always appreciated <3!


    God this has been bothering me all morning. They are just so hideous on top of being nonsensical and needlessly sexualizing. I forgot to mention the sandal look is an ankle snapper that full boots fix. 

    I wanna see better artists draw her nicer boots please thank 

    Hey! new idea for a sketch dailies project for today! If people are interested in doing this, go for it!  Just from a concept perspective it would be great to do this as an assignment since shoes are notoriously difficult to concept out! :)  Also try to include one animation idea for it and even some special effects!  Class will review them at 5:30est?  :) go! 

    minimum 5 sketches!  (ideally 11”w x 8”H)

    bbddawwww more of my little boy!  Dr Jones!  Hes a hog island boa constrictor from Vin Russo <3 hes happy healthy and loves getting some sun.  I know hes happy as can be that it is warmer out and he gets to roam about while I do some gardening :) 

    just fyi this is his dark phase, so this is him being very very dark in coloration, normally he is pretty cream to ivory white with the orange spots and freckles.