Artin' the art

Artin' the art

Taylor graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently works at Firaxis Games
projects include:
Civ V Gods and Kings Brave new world
| Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning | Elder Scrolls Online | Paizo Publishing | (voice acting for) Dishonored
She also teaches at the Maryland Institute College of art
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  • stopped by some people in need on the street on my bike today. lulu received lots of head pets and i handed out a few sandwiches and some pads and things to people who asked for them.  met a few new people, Terry, Tony, and guy who didn’t want to share his name.

    beh its the only time i have been super bummed because one guy threw everything in the street. I didnt say anything of course, but it sucks when you head back on your path and see that kind of stuff happen.. oh well

    • Do you mind clarifying what cleaning out old work means? I’m assuming that’s editing out old stuff from your portfolio but wanted to double check

      awww yis! Old work is really noticeable! It is always safe to assume the people you are applying to have telepathy and can tell how old you work is immediately!  If you have one or two gems from days past then it isnt bad to keep them, but i rarely see things last unless they are legacy items from previous high profile projects or gamer/industry cred items. 

    If you are looking at interning at a game studio, as a concept artist

    for most people looking at internships the biggest turn offs are

    -no turn arounds (orthographs or production ready work)

    -no thumbnail sketches (at least 5-6, 10 is best!)

    -not cleaning out old work

    if you make sure you go down that list then usually things are in the clear!  

    Lots of people can do studies, and studies are great, but we need to see how you do production art! also dont leave in old assignments that just really arnt your best work! 

    It is ALWAYS better to have only 5-10 solid works that blow people away, than 15-20 iffy, not so good, obviously old class assignments, or pieces not in the field you are applying for.

    Would you mind posting when junior positions/internships are available? I'm definitely not skilled or experienced enough for a full time job but I feel like I might have a chance at getting an internship

    Asked by pleg

    Hey totally!  to be honest though, and this is a think for people to think about, I am always looking for sweet awesome talent to pop up, and most internship positions are either me begging for them to get the chance to work with us or them really taking the initiative to show their work off all the time!  If we have any posted, open positions I will always post them! But internships are not always visible.  but I will try! :)

    Your work is pretty rad and you arnt far off imo! 

    JOBS! Hiring! Money! Woo!

    just got the all go to put out the note

    Firaxis Games is hiring!

    We are hiring some more people and related to what I do, we need

    -concept artist

    -sr. Concept artist

    junior positions and internships are on a case by case basis and this is not an advertisement for those level jobs (not at this time at least!)

    If you think you are interested or have questions feel free to send me

    your CV portfolio and a resume!

    Instead of giving you all real updates. Food! Chicken mushroom risotto tonight!! Mmmm