Artin' the art

Artin' the art

Taylor graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently works at Firaxis Games
projects include:
Civ V Gods and Kings Brave new world
| Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning | Elder Scrolls Online | Paizo Publishing | (voice acting for) Dishonored
She also teaches at the Maryland Institute College of art
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  • Puppy sitting! Which means lulu just growls at her non stop whenever she’s more than 3 feet closer. But you know the puppy is giving her her space and that’s just as important as lulu learning to be a little more social :)

    that moment when your ODC panic mode sets in

    and 5 hours later youve cleaned every closet in the house and thrown out 4 trash bags of “shit” youve collected. 

    sometimes this is good… and some times you realize those entire 5 hours youve not eaten dinner or gotten anything done, BUT YOURE DAMN SURE YOU FOUND THAT ONE CABLE YOU WERE MISSING THAT TRIGGERED THE CLEANING 

    Who’s having fun with makeup practice for larp coming up? This nerd! Also my Co worker introduced me to matte makeup fix and showed me how to use primer. I feel like I’ve been lost my whole life! Now makeup actually sticks to my face…

    I'm absolutely in love with your Pharaoh Wonder Woman and I was curious if you were against people cosplaying your stuff? I'd really love to cosplay that version, it is just beautiful!

    Asked by chanzlyn

    ermagerd, i would freak out with joy if people cosplayed my work! go forth! *bless bless bless*