Artin' the art - Tank update!   its monday and two and a half...

Artin' the art

Taylor graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently works at Firaxis Games
projects include:
Civ V Gods and Kings Brave new world
| Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning | Elder Scrolls Online | Paizo Publishing | (voice acting for) Dishonored
She also teaches at the Maryland Institute College of art
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  • Tank update!  

    its monday and two and a half weeks after the first treatment for ich I think all is well! 

    after leaving the light on a little longer over the weekend the floaters have turned out.. AMAZING! the top of my tank is like a rainbow and when I dont have it covered (to save fish lives!) it is just beautiful!

    though as many know anderson cooper died ): so I brought Mr Handsome (my breeding HMPK show betta I ordered from thailand) to work and he is now king of this little fish castle and seems to be loving it! hes a beautiful bright blue dot in the tank!

    -added stargrass but took it out, the plant just made a mess

    -added my dwarf lilly and it looooves the water and is already shooting out dozens of leaves! and I cant wait for a few to hit the surface! I will be trimming it back some but I want at least 3 to hit the water surface and to fan out and with hope! flower.

    -the floaters are growing a liiiitle unevenly so I think I might need to scoot the spraybar to right over the middle and let the floaters take over the left side more.  OR once the lily pad comes up there might be enough weight to them to slow the current and let the floaters spread.

    so, enjoy! 

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